Wood Plastic

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Wood Plastic Composites (W.P.C.) are products based from materials of wood, polymers, and special additives combined under special circumstances. Technically has been called composites. It is been known as Poly-wood too. These kind of profiles look, smell, and feel like a natural wood in various forms. On the other hand, they do not have weaknesses of woods. They are water resistance, anti-bacterial , anti-rots, anti-static, termite resistance, anti-fungus, fire-retarded, sound proofing , saving temperatures , and energy. Moreover, they colours are in-built and have strength towards UV (Ultra Violet-light). In addition, they are strong towards pressures and weights. These products purposely made for outdoor usage, which would long last for 15 years under normal climate changes such as, raining, snowing, and sunny days. Moreover, the maintenance cost of these products are very low. Indeed, Wood Plast. have beauty and enjoyments of woods without disadvantages

  Wood Plast. has various applications in landscaping and buildings

Decking is the most applicable area of Wood Plast. It can be used for flooring like, swimming poolsides, lakes paths, pedestrians, balcony, beach sidings, and roofings 

Furniture, cladding, fencing, siding, and surface buildings also been used in items of public & private areas such as, bench,  table, ceiling, quay, pergola, cones, roofs, wall-covering, cable-covering, and separating indoor and outdoor areas