Warranty Terms

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Afra offers a 5-year warranty in normal condition of use, normal sunlight, normal weather (-20 to 40 degree Celsius) and residential areas approved by Afra starting from buying day.


Afra’s products are resistant to deformations like: waving, crackles, chips, and thermal expansion-contraction is normal up to 3.4mm/1meter length.

Water absorption:

These products are water resistant an only absorb 1.3 to 4.0% of its weight of water when immersed in water. Snow and ice formed due to precipitations must be moved from the products surface maximum after one day after the precipitations. During installation, the slope should be made in a way that it will lead water (from precipitations or cleaning) to the channel drains.

Color fading:

Our products are partially resistant to color fading. In weather condition and exposure to sunlight and UV’s, the fading must not exceed 5 DELTA E. This means that the fading can be seen with naked eyes. It should be noted that nor product can stay color-fixed while being exposed nonstop in direct sunlight and under the attack of UVs.


Stains, mold and fungi:

Our products are resistant to any kind of normal food or drinks, like fruit juices, ketchups, any kind of teas and hot beverages etc… without heavy oily base. In order to keep this resistance and your surface stain free, you must clean the stain within 3 days, using a soft cleaning product (like washing powder) and a soft brush.  

It should be noted that the use of substances with solvents, strong cleaners or strong acidic or alkaline products will put our product out of the warranty coverage.

The effect of mold and fungi who grows on the surface of the product is due to flower’s pollen and fungi and mycelia’s spores and dust in extreme humidity. It shows as dark spots. This effect is only on the surface and they must be permanently cleared every week otherwise it will put the product out of the warranty coverage.


Cases which are not covered by the guarantee:

  • Direct or indirect contact with hot objects (above 110C) causing discoloration, burns or damaging the surface will put the product out of the warranty coverage.
  • Never use metal or sharp tools such as a knife or razor. . . to clean the surface. Also, do not shovel snow with inappropriate or nonstandard shovel. If the product is damaged this way, it will be out of warranty coverage.
  • Paint or other covering materials, all types of sealers and polyesters and so on used on the product without Afra’s approval surface will put the product out of the warranty coverage.
  • Any direct contact with the soil, land, water and permanently wet areas, will put the product out of the warranty coverage if the installation is wrong and don’t allow a good ventilation.
  • Remaining snow on outdoor floors that have not be shoveled will freeze and damage the underlying surface and the connections and this will put the product out of the warranty coverage.


Other cases in which products are out of warranty coverage:

  • Improper installation or failure to comply with the Installation Guide, particularly respecting spaces between the joints, grooves, cuts and adhere to other guidelines, including the basics of installing infrastructure by the buyer. Therefor, during installation of products maintain installation approval from Afra Profile Plast Co. in order to benefit from warranty.
  • Using the product in unusual circumstances or in places where it wasn’t recommended by Afra.
  • Changing the location, distortion or landslides of the infrastructure where the structure is installed
  • Any unpredictable event such as flood, earthquake, hurricane, lightning, pollution, and acid rain…causing damage to Afra’s product
  • Improper handling, improper storage, neglect or misuse of the product by the buyer, and third-party carriers.
  • Normal, and natural abrasion and erosion.
  • Afra’s products installed in places where there is no access to wash and clean theme, if damaged, will not be covered by the warranty


Warranty claim process:

Customers (buyers) must perform the following steps in order to receive compensation:

  • When the buyer wants to use the warranty to give his report, first he or she must make sure of the proper performance of all the steps mentioned above, in particular the good installation, usage and cleaning.
  • To prepare the report, first, the customer or vendor with a valid conditions of warranty terms must send photos and descriptions of the environmental impacts on the product and what caused the damage or the stains to Afra.
  • As soon as the site is visited and the damage is confirmed by the expert, Afra will take charge and repair the damaged parts by itself or will repay the customers money to the buyer who purchased bad parts. Then, replacing the damaged parts in the available colors will be the applicant’s responsibility. But Afra does not provide a substitute guarantee for the colors to matches and there may be a difference between the new product and the old one (because of color changes over time)
  • Reinstalling the product’s cost and transport’s cost will be paid by the customer
  • The warranty claim covers 5 years after the purchase and the damage will be calculated and covered by Afra, based on the following table:


Percent coverage for damages

Time elapsed since the issuance of the guarantee in years







Dear customer

You will always have the necessary rights reserved and you can use theme and you can legally use theme. Any other person or entity is not authorized to provide Afra’s products. Afra cannot be held responsible for any non-original product. his warranty is valid only if signed by the buyer and Afra. Furthermore, this warranty doesn’t include lamps, LED transformers etc… and other installation equipment and infrastructures that are not produced by us