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Q: Does this product suffer from color fading?

A: Yes. In fact, any product exposed to sunlight and UV will suffer from color fading. The important thing for this color fading is that it should be imperceptible. It means that the fading must not be noticed on a daily basis. For example, you bought a car last year, does it have the same color now as it had the first day? Even the best German cars suffer from this problem. But you don't notice this fading on a daily basis. That why, under ASTM G154-12, the fading must not be over 5 Delta E and this is because we shouldn't notice the fading on a daily basis. Afra's products also benefit from an under 5 Delta E fading. In other words, any product facing sunlight and rain will change in its color. But this fading, in some products, can be distinguished easily in the first days. In other products this fading take time, and this is the under 5 Delta E fading that we talked about. Hamid Dafeyan – Quality Assurance Unit


Q: Is this product 100% waterproof?

A: No. This product is not 100% waterproof. It is very much resistant to rain, sunlight and snow and is more resistant than other wood products (like thermos wood). Afra's wood plastic composite, while emerged for 24 hours, only absorbed 4% of their weight of water (based on ASTM D570-98). In fact, Afra's products are equal to American's products. If properly installed, this product will never encounter any deterioration during its use and has a 5 year warranty. That's why, when the installation is over, you must ask for a Afra's installation certificate in order to both benefit from Afra's 5-year warranty and be sure that the installation was done well. It also should be noted that some vendors claim that the water abortion is up to 1.5%. This is because they talk about the product while it's neat, before it gets sanded (the product is unsanded). But, usually, this product is used after being sanded, so the water absorption is not 1.5% but 4%.  Hamid Dafeyan – Quality Assurance Unit


Q: Considering that wood is both beautiful and tough, why should we buy wood plastic composite?

A: Clients are always free in their choices. The fact that some people like wood and use it in their interior decoration is based on the general love for wood's aesthetic. But why WPC? Remember that WPC procures the beauty and the feeling of wood to the customers, but it doesn't require any expensive care and will work a very long time. In fact, it had wood's beauty and sense without its problems and troubles. It doesn't have splinters, it's anti-termite, anti-bacterial and color stable. Unlike wood, it doesn't need to be painted nor to be varnished. You just have to clean from time to time, which is clearly cheaper than the expenses you have to make to take care of wood products.  Furthermore, wood plastic composite is a well-known eco-friendly product. Hamid Dafeyan – Quality Assurance Unit


Q: Are WPC products fireproof?

No. WPC products are not fireproof. However, it is very fire-resistant, but it's not true to say that fire doesn't make any damage to WPC. Tooska's WPC product, when near or in contact with fire, will start to deteriorate, but, this will stop as soon as the fire stops and it will never help to propagate fire, based on ASTM E84 tests. In fact, these products are flame retardant and also insure thermal insulation. Hamid Dafeyan – Quality Assurance Unit


Q: Based on the fact that WPC's useful life is over 15 years, why does you warranty only covers for 5 years?

A: The fact that WPC products have high mechanical strength and a long lifespan are the main features of this product. But how this product will be used and will react in events beyond the period of warranty is something hard to define after 5 years. Another point, when Tooska's WPC products can perform well during 5 years, following the instruction of installation and maintenance, you can be assured that its quality is good and that it will behave as well during 15 years. That's why Afra offers a 5 year warranty for its products.